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13-05-2013 auCDtect Task Manager 1.6.0 RC1




05-09-2011 auCDtect Task Manager 1.5.1RC6

  • Fixed: Some localization bugs fixed


  • Added: German UI support (thanks to kandelar)

02-12-2010 CDDA decoder pack

  • Fixed: CDRipper.exe incorrect detects some audiotracks as datatracks

02-12-2010 auCDtect Task Manager 1.5.1RC4

  • Fixed: "Pause" command is unabled during the processing (thanks to Langtu)


  • Optional Lossy Decoder package added to Download directory of site

20-04-2010 auCDtect Task Manager 1.5.1RC2

  • Fixed: some errors and bugs
  • Changed: some minor user interface modifications
  • WAV files info report is added to " Details" window

19-04-2010 auCDtect Task Manager 1.5.1RC1

  • Added: auCDtect reports and spectrograms for each tested sound file now are processed in memory
    Its are saved to disc file after task deleting (or program finishing). Save conditions defines in program settings
    It is posibility to define target path (default and individual) for auCDtect reports and spectrogram saving
  • Added: Settings for separate tasks
  • Changed: " Show report" and " Show spectrogram" actions was replaced with new " Show details..." action
    Reports, error logs and spectrograms are placed into new " Task details" window

11-04-2010 auCDtect Task Manager 1.5.0B1

  • Wavunpack 4.60 updated to 4.60.1
  • Tack 1.1.2 updated to 2.0.0
  • SoX moved to main package distribution
  • Added: Spectrogram processing (Sox required)
  • Fixed: Some minor bug fixes


  • SoX v.14.2.0 updated to v.14.3.0

03-04-2010 auCDtect Task manager 1.0.5 Final

  • Added: Posibility for saving separate per file logs from Show Log dialog (suggestion by Zin-Uru)
  • Changed: If external viewer isn't defined then temporary WAVs is deleted right away when file testing is finished
  • Updated: Added icons to task list
  • Fixed: Some minor bug fixes

09-11-2009 auCDtect Task manager 1.0.3 B1

  • Updated: Wavunpack.exe updated to v.4.60
  • Updated: TAKC.exe updated to v.1.1.2
  • Updated: Shorten.exe updated to v.3.61
  • Changed: Path to external viewer now is saved as relative to auCDtectTaskManager.exe
  • Added: It's possible to edit general actions shortcut accelerators
  • Updated: Some minor changes of settings editor window design

27-10-2009 auCDtect Task manager 1.0.2 A1

  • Added: Command line options supported now (usage: auCDtectTaskManager.exe File1 File2 ...)
  • Fixed: Codecs.ini modified

20-10-2009 auCDtect Task manager 1.0.1 RC1

  • Fixed: "List index out of bounds (-1)" Exception
  • Fixed: Checking error with short unicode source files/folders names
  • Changed: Algorithm of interprocess communication is modified for less CPU usage
  • Changed: New file names/extensions (*.auCDtect.txt/Folder.auCDtect.txt) for logs. Verification of old-named logs is supported too for backward compatibility
  • Added: Local network support
  • Some minor "cosmetic" modifications

12-10-2009 auCDtect Task Manager Beta

  • Fixed: AssignProcessToJobObject failure when User Account Control is disabled
  • Fixed: Access Violation sporadic fault on post-XP platforms
  • Fixed: CPU Usage Counter failure when user hasn't administrative rights
  • Fixed: Positioning bug on multi-monitor systems

15-05-2009 auCDtect Task Manager 1.0.0 Stable

07-05-2009 auCDtect Task Manager 0.9.9 RC12

  • Some minor "cosmetic" modifications

06-05-2009 General unpackers updated

  • TAKC v.1.0.4 updated to v.1.1.1
  • MAC v. updated to v.

04-05-2009 auCDtect Task Manager 0.9.9 RC11

  • Added: support to external viewer
  • Changed: About window layout
  • Changed: Task Log window layout
  • Some minor bug fixes (thanks to Luchano)

29-04-2009 auCDtect Task Manager 0.9.9 RC9

  • Some minor bug fixes

28-04-2009 auCDtect Task Manager 0.9.9 RC8

  • Some minor bug fixes (thanks to fenik17)

28-04-2009 auCDtect Task Manager 0.9.9 RC7

  • The first public release